Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Worse Than Doing Laundry

The one thing worse than doing laundry is having laundry to do.

Old, mismatched machines.
Monday morning I threw the brand new organic cotton cloth diapers in the washing machine (apparently cloth diapers need to be washed/dried a few times to maximize absorbency).  I expected to walk away, feeling maternal, as I listened to the pleasant chug-chug-chug of progress.  Instead, an awful grinding sound begged for mercy from behind the laundry closet doors.  Frantically, I rescued the diapers from the cantankerous sudsy pit.  While Husband rinsed the prefolds in the tub, I marched to the leasing office full of pregnant indignation.  The washing machine is on its third round of maintenance issues.  And, the replacement dryer's setting--like on/off--have never worked.  Note: we've lived here less than two months!

Fast forward a direct conversation with the complex manager about the problems (including a moment of pointedly smoothing my shirt over my protruding belly) and a visit from the entire maintenance team to validate my complaints.  Goodbye old machines.

The icky linoleum under the machines.           Sherbet inspects my rushed cleaning job.

Hello new, energy efficient models.  

All these knobs and settings to learn ....
Time to triumphantly throw in another load.

Have you overcome a challenge lately?  Or, are you procrastinating laundry day?


  1. Actually this sounds a lot like what happened to us a couple months ago, except it was just the dryer and I didn't have a pregnant belly to aid my argument. (The pregnant/new baby card can be pretty effective!) It was a classic case of as-soon-as-husband-leaves-something-breaks, though. Almost wish the washer had gone out at the same time because I really like the new dryer! Hope things stay calm for you for the next couple weeks.

  2. I'm relieved both machines were replaced. Otherwise I'd bet about a week after Husband went back to work I'd suddenly have a crying infant, a load of wet diapers, and that would be that one day this summer it isn't blazing hot outside!