Friday, April 15, 2011

Apartment Hunt: Our Worksheet

Having lived at 6 addresses in 4 different states in less than 9 years you would think that apartment hunting would be second nature by now.  It's not.  I'd love to put down deep roots, maybe even buy a house, but the timing isn't right again.  At least I know better than to procrastinate (most days).  Through the long hours searching on craigslist and roaming through potential neighborhoods, I remind myself only one apartment needs to fit.  Maybe this weekend my husband and I will find it....


  1. I doubt this is some kind of rule, but it's turned out for me that the places I've chosen to live with little thought, even site unseen, have worked out quite well. And the places I planned and researched and looked at from all possible angles.....not so much. That's the irony of life, I guess.

  2. Perhaps, sometimes, it's all about being open to whatever adventure is in store for us anyway.