Friday, April 29, 2011

Simple, Yet Complex

It's funny how often simple things are covertly complex.  Here are two of my favorite more-than-meets-the-eye things:

  1. Easy snacks.  What can beat fresh fruit at peak ripeness?  With a little prep you're munching a quick and easy snack.  With some extra peeling and chopping you're treating yourself to a scrumptious medley of tastes known as a fruit salad.  
  2. Reusing things.  Here, specifically, transforming old college dorm sheets into kitchen curtains.  On the one hand it's simple--what else are you going to do with your extra-long twin sheet sets besides donate them to a thrift store?  On the other, I hate sewing.  Enter a ruler, an iron, and some staples (also leftovers from college).   After too much ironing and measuring, I discover by stapling from the back of the curtains the little metal teeth can barely be seen in front.  End result: mostly level curtains and no longer feeling like the entire city block can watch me wash dishes at night!  
What items in your house appear simple, but have a more complicated history or use?

1 comment:

  1. This weekend my parents are coming to visit, and they're bringing me a very special lamp. The base of the lamp has bronzed baby shoes that all six of my grandparent's children wore at one time in their lives. My grandma passed away last autumn, and my grandfather is not too far behind her. It will be so special to have that piece of history in my house!