Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Month

Some people begin to shun their birthdays as the years pass, but I'm the opposite.  I've convinced myself, and sometimes my husband, I deserve a full birthday month.  I'll find a bouquet on my bedroom dresser one day; I'll get a free pass on washing dirty dishes another.

Today we doubly celebrated: a Centerstage play of one of my favorite novels and front porch banana splits.   Nothing like contemplating redemption while nibbling my way through a bed of fresh banana slices covered with scoops of peach and cherry vanilla ice creams topped with chopped walnuts.

How do you commemorate your birthday?


  1. I like to celebrate my birthday for longer than just a day, too, but it's usually because my family is forgetful and late with gifts! My sister still owes me a promised gift for a January birthday. My Mom's gifts are a day or two late, but I get a phone call on the day. And between work and friends, the celebration stretches into a week or so. Happy birthday!

  2. One year little birthday things spontaneously happened over the course of a week. Inception of the birthday week, which grew into a month as the idea aged.