Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gone ... Until Next Year!

Distinct flavors in vibrant colors.            

I've nibbled up all of the Starburst jelly beans already.  These little gems pack serious punch.  More sweet, more tang than the I-hope-it's-not-buttered-popcorn Jelly Bellies in my opinion.  The Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs hide in the freezer to delay their impending demise.

What's the first thing to disappear from your Easter basket?  Or, if Easter basket's aren't part of your tradition, what's your preferred candy of choice?


  1. How can I not comment on this post? Starburst jelly beans are classic, wonderful, and available year round. At Easter time, you can also find delicious Brach's jelly beans with real fruit juice. There's nothing real about them, of course, but the flavor is more subtle. And then there are Lifesaver's "strings & rings," which appear to be going out of production. For gummy-lovers they're the perfect combination of sour and sweet in the same bag. Too many candy details from the candy-a-holic? Well, you asked.

  2. I still have jelly beans hidden in my desk at work, since I am not a chocaholic I like a nice burst of fruit and sugar around 3pm. My go to candy of course is anything sour like sour patch kids, sour watermelons, or sour nerds. I also like a good blow pop. Its like a little sweet surprise when you hit the gum inside.