Monday, May 2, 2011

College Education Preferred

In the office jobs I've held "other duties as required" translated, at least some of the time, to paper shredding.  Ironically, there's a lot of responsibility in this mundane task.  Every time I shredded paper, I was the only one to go through the files and determine what duplications were no longer vital.

Moving preparations: Taking care of business at home.

Despite prestige of the shredder--how else can a temporary employee silence the rest of the office besides overpowering conversation with the shredder's ravenous whir?--I'm still not sure I really needed my college education to adequately accomplish this task.

What's the worst job your college degree qualified you to do?  


  1. I got to make sandwiches in a grocery store for a while after college. The most exciting part was getting chewed out for shredding romaine lettuce instead of iceberg lettuce--because (apparently) "nobody makes sandwiches with shredded romaine lettuce," even though it has an equally satisfying crunch (when fresh) and--you know--actually tastes like food.

  2. Stocking shelves at the bookstore where, in spite of my college degree, they still made me take a test to see if I could alphabetize.

  3. I, too, was a professional paper shredder with a college degree. As an added bonus, it was at a dog food factory.