Monday, May 23, 2011

Vacation, Minus Travel Time

With less traveling this year, I'm appreciating drop-by guests and overnight hosting much more.  A few weeks ago Mom came down for the weekend, somewhat unexpectedly.  Between her announcement and arrival, I barely had time to neaten up the apartment, finish a few tasks I'd already started, and develop a vague idea of what we would eat.

No Parking, Reserved for Irises.
Our unstructured weekend brimmed with adventures.  Friday night we viewed a MICA exhibt and shared a tapas dinner with a friend.  Saturday morning found us on a rainy walk to the Waverly Farm Market where we sampled Hen-of-the-Woods mushrooms and sorrel.  Sunday afternoon we braved the humidity to go window shopping in quirky Hampden.

Since a love of flowers and gardens runs in the family, we revisited the Vibrant Pocket Garden in its early summer glory.

Red roses, purple irises, and pink peonies.
Of course we talked, talked, talked ... over afternoon tea, making roast chicken dinner, and re-teaching Mom how to crochet.

Mom's visit felt like a stay-at-home vacation despite cooking and even packing a few boxes for the up-coming move.  Perhaps because Mom insisted on doing most of the dishes ....

Flowers v. Taxi: A competition in color.

I'm curious if anyone has ever deliberately tried a "Staycation"?


  1. I love pocket gardens and parks. Sometimes I have this urge to wander into people's yards to check out their gardenly Feng shui. That's probably an urge I should stifle, huh?

    Here's to exploring for flowers together!

  2. I haven't tried one. Maybe you have guessed... I'd get a little cooped up! Then again, I've never had flowers around me like yours. OH WOW.