Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feisty Ball of Fur

About three years ago Husband & I took an atypical early morning walk before starting the day's responsibilities.  Stressful is too mild a word for how life felt then, and we were desperately clasping each other's hand while combating our individual challenges.  As the sun burned off the morning fog and we discussed who'd take the first shower, a car pulled over just in front of our apartment complex.  The office manager stepped out holding a teeny ball of fur in her hands.  A tiny orange and white kitten named Sherbet.

This past weekend, a friend with major cat allergies joked that she didn't really get pet ownership.  While I completely understand avoiding allergens, pet parenthood boils down to laughter and love.  Sure pets shed and create art, but Husband & I never laughed as much as we did the first days Sherbet terrorized our home with her insatiable curiosity and bottomless energy.  Her fuzzy companionship, especially when she deigns to cuddle, makes every day a little more peaceful.  Despite the recurring need to refresh the litter box and the morningly meow-athon before her breakfast kibble, Sherbet's idiosyncratic personality splashes joy throughout our days.


Has an unexpected blessing ever been dropped into your life?

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