Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sari Dress: Inception (Part I)

Besides moving this summer there's another, bigger, game-changer looming on my life's horizon.  Life will be different come autumn leaves and apple butter.  To prepare, I'm over-compensating: finishing projects I've started, projects I've only dreamed about.

My brother gave me a sari after a trip through Southeast Asia.  The fabric is beyond exquisite.  Lustrous gold embroidery flirts across a field of forest green that abruptly blushes into a bouquet of plum wine.

Upon opening this gift, I immediately swathed myself in the sari--a disaster because (1) I was wearing a sweater and jeans underneath, (2) the fabric is too long for me to wear in the traditional style, and (3) despite growing up with multicultural influences, I don't know how to wear a sari properly.

So the fabric, yards and yards of luscious beauty, ended up folded compactly and stored out of sight.  But never out of mind.

Occasionally I sketched dress designs.  Sometimes I peaked into the box to reabsorb the vibrant colors.  Yet, I hesitated.  Starting a project allows for the possibility of failure.  As my mother warned: cloth once snipped, always snipped.

Also, I hate sewing.


  1. Is that really the sewing machine you are using? It looks antique. Can't wait to see how the project turns out.

  2. Yes! I borrowed the antique sewing machine to finish some cloth Christmas present bags in January and still hadn't returned it. It's amazing that the machine still works--it's more user-friendly than any electric one I've ever tried.