Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Parking Signs: Pop Quiz Edition

Pop quiz, Readers!  Only one question, and it's multiple choice.  Post your selection and reasoning in the comments.  Good luck!  Discussion and solution written below.

It's 4:10pm and you should have been at the event at 4pm.  But it's hot--97 degrees radiating off of the city streets--and no one moves fast on a day like this.  As you wipe the sweat off of your forehead, you realize you'll have to leave the AC-comfort of your car when you park said vehicle.  The streets are somewhat empty since it's a holiday instead of a business-as-usual Monday.  Now where to demonstrate your mad parallel parking skills?

A. At the street meter near a sign.  Hmmm... a valid option, but got quarters?  Coin-only parking meters are seem like relics from last decade.  Where's the Pay To Park that accepts credit cards?  Drive on.

B.  Between the 3-part, small-print signs next to a bus stop.  Wait.  Do city buses run on holidays?  Does "holiday" impact (read: void) these parking signs?  Better safe than sorry with the 10 minute parking between 9am-8pm....  Drive on.

C.  Safely in the Pay to Park zone.  (Don't forget the really, really small print on the meter.)  Fine print's no friend of mine (see the red box on the Pay To Park meter).  Get back in the car and drive on.

D.  At the last possibility within one block's walk.  The hours look good even if it is Pay to Park.  Not likely to snow anytime today.  Is that the LAST open spot that car's pulling taking?  Drive on.

E.  There's always another city block with more signs.  Well.  Two blocks away isn't so bad.  Especially when Husband drops you off so you can take pictures of the ridiculous parking regulations on your way into the air conditioned auditorium.

The Presstman Preachers' show made all the trouble worth while anyway.


  1. I go meter if you are parking an hour or less, parking lot pay as you go if over an hour :)

  2. I know, I know! But then again, I was driving.