Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Construction Complete

Take a second to test your street (sign) smarts with yesterday's pop quiz.  Solution forthcoming.

It's not every day iPhoto asks you a question like this:

Um, yes, OK!  For the second time actually .... 

Since March, Husband & I weeded the photo collection-- originally @5873 pics plus rediscovered kitten photos (@200) and this Spring's snapshots (@350)--by 53.4%.  It doesn't matter now the digital photo project finished up a month behind my arbitrary deadline.  Our collection looks amazing!  Now only the most meaningful photos await the next step: scrapbook selection.

What accomplishment, little or large, are you celebrating today?

1 comment:

  1. My little accomplishment today was saying "no" to the chocolate cake at work. It wasn't good enough to be worth it, but my sugar addiction didn't care. I texted hubby: "There's chocolate cake at work. Tell me it's off limits." Moments later... "It's off limits." And now it's all eaten up by other people. Success!