Saturday, June 25, 2011

The War on ... Silverfish?

An Update, from SC Ramsey.

Adhering to the designated withdrawal date outlined in the Lease Treaty, the Ramsey Apartment was vacated during a lull in the invasion from ANTS.  Only by many rounds of chemical warfare were the counteroffensives from the ANTS and from their airforce allies, the FRUIT FLIES, repelled.  Another security force now oversees the province and only time will tell if they can maintain sovereignty over their territory.

I'm not sure why this sign, from the Philadelphia Zoo, strikes me as funny.
The New Ramsey Apartment, currently, is ANT-free at this time.  Yet the Ramseys found about a half dozen SILVERFISH over the last week or so.  Will a new battle emerge to preserve their domain from all things creepy and crawly?  Will their large book collection escape the binding-glue hungry SILVERFISH?  

Stay tuned for further updates.

In my rental history there's been the place with the speedy black spiders, the mega-cockroach (one sighting was enough!), the million-legged nightmares, and the persistent ANTS.  Does every inhabitance hide a crawling menace?  What are creeping across your walls and ceilings? 


  1. Ugh, I'd rather have ants than silverfish. The borax treatment was highly effective on our ants here; don't know if it would work on silverfish. That sign is pretty funny. I have often thought that it would be amusing to collect pictures of crossing signs--horse and buggy crossing from PA, turtle crossing from Camp Lejeune, wild pig crossing here, etc.

  2. We have these teeny tiny little black spiders with super round bodies that live on our stove. I have only ever seen them on the stove top, but there are usually 2 or 3 of them there every day. Most of the time I see them they are dead, probably from having overheated being over top of the gas stove pilot light. I can't figure them out. I have no idea where they're coming from or how there always seem to be more. They don't really bother me other than the fact that I don't understand them.

  3. I've observed Sherbet likes to pounce on the silverfish (when they're on the floor). Yet, those slithery vermin play dead and blend into the carpet so Sherbs walks away without eating the tasty treat she caught. Worse, she looks at me like I'm crazy when I take a flipflop and whack the intruder into bits!

  4. Heidi--I'll have to pass your ant treatment on to the entomologist in the family. Ironically live insects seem to be one of the main threats to preserving dead bugs.

    Danielle--At least the spiders are dead!