Friday, June 17, 2011

One Box, Three Uses

Last week an unassuming brown box arrived in the mail.  You’ve probably seen (or been) the child who is just as excited about the box as the present.  This would be my recent childlike joy at receiving a splurge purchase from Vera Bradley’s discontinued sale...

Note: Subject was fully clothed.  :)
Such a standard shipping box on the outside, such deep purple inside.  I was almost too exited to open the “presents” I bought myself.

Sherbet, who decided the box indeed outshone Vera's cloth designsdiscovered a second use for the box: a temporary cat bed, complete with inspirations to “be colorful,” “never be uniform,” and “dance to your own tune.”

Sherbet says the box brings out her highlights.
Unable to recycle the box, I came up with another practical reuse: a new home for the gift wrapping supplies.  Now the cheery purple (and over-the-top inspirations) can encourage me to send off presents with style.

Have you ever found extra reasons to reuse “temporary” packaging?

1 comment:

  1. "Note: subject was fully clothed."
    Totally. awesome. caption.

    In response to your packaging question...I think I used a Victoria Secret bag as a lunch box once. But don't tell anyone.