Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To Fix, But How?

As Husband & I pack boxes, the recycling container fills and the donate pile grows.  One item resists those fates:
The Cafe: Our Bedroom Breakfast Nook.
A few years ago, when Husband & I moved into our first apartment with an outdoor area, family members gave us a beautiful patio set.  The box called the table and two chairs something like "Bistro;" I loving christened the metal and ceramic mosaic set "The Cafe."  It's served us as a lazy afternoon hang out spot on one porch, as my outdoor desk on a different apartment's porch, and most recently as our breakfast nook in our bedroom.

Unfortunately, The Cafe is beginning to show some wear from years of love.

The cardboard fix.
First, one chair's ceramic mosaic tile abruptly popped out and shattered.  Armed with glue and determination, I tried to piece it back together.  After a half hour of creating two more shards every time I reconnected one, I opted for another approach.  I took a careful up-close picture of other chair's unbroken mosaic.  Guestimating the size, I printed a non-glossy color copy and glued it onto cardboard circle.  Presto.  An indoor fix that lasted well for about 10 months before it began to fade a little.

Then the other chair dropped its mosaic.  Luckily it only broke into a few pieces and was easily repaired.  Unfortunately it fell out again last week.  While the piece remained whole, I doubt another glueing will last long, especially if exposed to humidity and temperature fluctuations.  The cardboard solution, too, is about to expire.  Our new apartment boasts a porch so The Cafe will take up residence once again in the great outdoors (read: elements).  I need a new solution.  
With moving preparations eating up my mental energy, I'm not sure what to try next.  Your thoughts? 


  1. Here's your answer! Mosaic Class: http://www.baltimoreclayworks.org/class/mtwashington_classes.html

  2. @ Becky Smith Kuk: Tempting, but a class on mosaics might create another hobby!

    Another friend mentioned wrapping oilcloth around cardboard inserts and linked to an Etsy vendor. I'm toying with this pattern: http://www.etsy.com/listing/75153625/orange-lace-oilcloth-yardage-from