Thursday, April 21, 2011

Under Construction

I'm currently remodeling the digital photo collection.  This project started partially because of my own craving for order and partially because of inspiration from one of my favorite blogs (Rachel Meek's Small Notebook).

I hope to finish the overhaul by the end of April, but I've encountered a few road blocks.  First, finding time to sit down with my husband when we both have enough energy to focus (photography is one of his hobbies so I don't want to accidentally delete anything).  Second, correctly dating mislabeled photos which is equally confusing and boring.  And, finally, discovering that a few albums have been lost when the previous computer went into meltdown.  Looks like I'm going to have to cobble together a "Kitten" album via random sources.  

Regardless of the hurdles, I delight in rediscovering our memories each time my husband and I work on this project.  (The above picture is from our trip to the UK a few years ago.)

What's the story of your digital photos once they're downloaded off of your camera?


  1. My photos are in Picasa, but I have never quite settled into a good system. Have you tried Smilebox or any of the other online album-makers? I'd love to find something that comes as close as possible to print albums that you actually want to look through and enjoy.

  2. Thanks SC, enjoy your new blog!

  3. Mine are simply in albums by month and backed up online. I do make separate albums for larger trips (Tokashiki and Kyoto, for example), but even those are titled with month--trip for organization. And I decided that the digital frame I got for Christmas will be devoted to this duty station; next duty station will get a new frame.