Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pie Break

Today's a too-long-to-do list kind of day.  This afternoon's healthy snack of carrots slices with dip followed by peanut butter on crackers didn't quell the late afternoon munchies revolt.  Willing a more harmonious solution, I stared into the refrigerator and then into the freezer.

To my delight, a Ziploc bag of apple pie filling stared confidently back.  Husband froze this mixture after last autumn's trip to the orchard, and the apple filling clearly wanted to be eaten sooner than later.  When an extra homemade pie crust (from the last time I made quiche) winked at me, I realized I shouldn't keep these two apart any longer.

As the pie bubbled in the oven, I lamented the lack of a top.  No time to make the usual lattice top crust; no oatmeal to make a sugary buttery crunchy crumble topping.  Then Husband reminded me of some extra whipping cream in the fridgerator from last week's cooking experiment.  Who can resist homemade whipped cream with a hint of almond extract?  Especially when Husband volunteers to make it.

Homemade apple pie with almond whipped cream washed down with milky chai tea made my afternoon a little sweeter.  What brightened your day?

Note: Finished sari dress pictures are "developing"--my digital camera works best with natural light and the sunshine's been shy lately.

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  1. Holy cow! You actually posted a picture of yourself! That brightened my day :) And I love your dress/top. Must admit I'm eager for the sari dress resolution; I literally winced at the picture of the material being cut.